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Water Birth

Water Birth services offered in the greater Jersey City, NJ area

Water birth is a gentle, serene approach to childbirth that many women find empowering and soothing. At Artemis Midwives in Jersey City, New Jersey, Edine Warren, CM, and Chidera Chima, CNM, ND, celebrate the beauty of water birth as a holistic choice for bringing new life into the world. If you want to learn more, call the office or use the online tool to schedule your appointment.

Water Birth Q & A

What is water birth?

Water birth involves going through labor and giving birth in a specially designed birthing tub filled with warm water. The water offers comfort, relaxation, and a sense of weightlessness during labor and childbirth. While traditional birthing methods occur on a bed or in a delivery room, water birth embraces the soothing properties of water to enhance the birthing experience.

The Artemis Midwives birth center is equipped with full facilities for a water birth. Some women choose to experience only labor in the water and deliver their baby outside the tub. You may also choose to labor and give birth in the tub.

What are the benefits of choosing water birth?

Water birth provides several benefits, including:

Natural pain relief

The warm water eases discomfort and relaxes muscles, promoting a more comfortable labor experience.

Reduced stress

The soothing water environment promotes relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety during labor.

Freedom of movement

Water allows for greater freedom of movement, making it easier to change positions and find the most comfortable birthing posture.

Smooth transition for baby

Babies born in water are gently eased into the world. The water mimics the amniotic fluid environment of the womb, from which they slowly and gently emerge, unlike conventional childbirth, which ejects them from their watery environment into the open air.

Enhanced bonding

The serene water environment enhances the bonding experience between the mother, partner, and baby.

How do midwives support women during a water birth?

Edine and Chidera are dedicated to ensuring a safe, supported water birth experience. This includes continuously monitoring you while you and your baby are in the water.

They’ll offer guidance on finding comfortable positions in the water, facilitating relaxation and pain management.

Edine and Chidera follow strict hygiene protocols to ensure the birthing tub is meticulously cleaned and sanitized, providing a sterile, safe environment. 

Am I a candidate for water birth?

Water birth is often a good choice for low-risk pregnancies. However, particular health issues and the progress of labor determine if water birth is the right choice. The midwives conduct thorough assessments to determine the feasibility and safety of water birth based on your medical history and circumstances.

Learn more about water birth as a possibility for your next labor and delivery. Call Artemis Midwives today or use this website to schedule your appointment online.