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Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care services offered in the greater Jersey City, NJ area

Prenatal care is a vital part of women’s health care during pregnancy. Prenatal care ensures that a woman receives the emotional and medical support necessary to stay healthy and deliver a healthy baby. At Artemis Midwives in Jersey City, New Jersey, Edine Warren, CM, and Chidera Chima, CNM, ND, believe in providing comprehensive and compassionate support to women throughout their pregnancy. Set up an appointment to learn more about the prenatal care offered by calling the office or scheduling online. 

Prenatal Care Q & A

What is prenatal care?

Prenatal care is the medical and emotional support that women receive during pregnancy. It plays a crucial role in monitoring the health of the mother and the developing baby, identifying potential concerns, and providing guidance for a safe and fulfilling pregnancy journey.

When should I start receiving prenatal care?

Start prenatal care as soon as you suspect you’re pregnant or receive confirmation from a pregnancy test. Early prenatal care allows your midwife to monitor the pregnancy’s progress from the very beginning and ensure the best possible outcomes.

What services are included in prenatal care?

Our dedicated midwives offer a range of prenatal care services, including:

Regular checkups

The midwives monitor your health and the baby’s development through routine visits, assessing things like blood pressure, weight, and overall well-being.

Ultrasound imaging

The providers use ultrasound to visualize the baby’s growth, development, and position in the womb.

Blood tests and screenings

Edine and Chidera conduct various tests to identify potential risks and address health concerns.

Nutritional guidance

They offer advice on maintaining a balanced diet and taking prenatal vitamins to support your health and the baby’s growth.


You receive essential education and information on childbirth preparation, relaxation techniques, and pain management choices.

How often should I have prenatal checkups?

The frequency of prenatal checkups depends on the stage of your pregnancy and your health needs. Typically, you’ll have less frequent appointments in the early stages; as you approach your due date, you’ll visit the office more often.

How does midwifery care enhance the prenatal experience?

Edine and Chidera offer personalized and holistic care, emphasizing open communication and emotional support throughout your pregnancy journey. They strive to create a comfortable and trusting relationship, allowing you to actively participate in your care and make informed decisions.

Do all pregnant women need prenatal care?

Prenatal care benefits every pregnancy, regardless of risk level. Regular monitoring and guidance contribute to a smoother experience, even in low-risk pregnancies. In high-risk pregnancies, prenatal care is vital to guarantee the health and safety of the mother and baby.

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