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Natural Childbirth

Natural Childbirth services offered in the greater Jersey City, NJ area

Natural childbirth is an empowering and transformative journey that many women embrace. At Artemis Midwives in Jersey City, New Jersey, Edine Warren, CM, and Chidera Chima, CNM, ND, are dedicated to providing comprehensive care that honors the beauty and strength of natural birth while ensuring the well-being of mother and baby. Schedule a consultation by calling the office or online to learn more about natural childbirth.

Natural Childbirth Q & A

What is natural childbirth?

Natural childbirth allows labor and birth to unfold without medical interventions whenever possible. It embraces the innate process of labor and relies on a woman’s body to guide her through the birthing journey.

It doesn’t use medical interventions like pain medications. Natural birth places a strong emphasis on working with the body’s natural rhythm.

What are the benefits of choosing natural childbirth?

Choosing natural childbirth offers several benefits, including:


Natural birth empowers women to trust their bodies and actively participate in the birthing process.

Reduced intervention

By avoiding unnecessary medical interventions, the risk of potential side effects and complications could be minimized.

Faster recovery

Natural birth often leads to a shorter recovery for the mother and less postpartum discomfort.


The hormonal release during natural birth can enhance the bonding experience between the mother and her baby.


Many women find a deep sense of accomplishment and empowerment in successfully navigating the challenges of natural birth.

How do midwives support women during a natural childbirth?

The experienced midwives at Artemis Midwives are committed to providing comprehensive support throughout the natural birthing process. This includes:

Continuous guidance

The midwives offer emotional and physical support during labor, providing comfort measures and reassurance.


Edine and Chidera teach you natural pain management techniques, breathing exercises, and positioning to enhance your birthing experience.


While prioritizing natural birth, the midwives closely monitor the well-being of the mother and baby to ensure a safe experience.

The providers oversee natural childbirth at the comfortable birth center at Artemis Midwives.

Is natural childbirth suitable for everyone?

Natural childbirth is a personal choice that depends on several things, including your health, medical history, and personal preferences. The midwives work closely with you to assess whether natural birth aligns with your goals and values, taking your unique circumstances into account.

Women with a high-risk pregnancy or pre-existing conditions might not be candidates for natural childbirth.

Set up a consultation at Artemis Midwives to learn if natural childbirth is right for you. Call the office or use the website to book an appointment through the online booking system.